The AMA Group founded in 1970 focuses on qualitative Healthcare services and products within the Healthcare industry. Our philosophy is based on consistency and ethics.

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AMA is fully integrated with its global assistance networks and working directly with our offices in different countries around the world.

Medical Assistance

Our Medical Operations section is on permanent standby for Emergency calls. AMA staff is multilingual and also monitors Hospitalization & Outpatient treatment costs.

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Travel Insurance

We make sure our customers receive superior travel insurance coverage & also a lifeline when away from home. Check out the list of our travel assistance services.

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On-Site Medical Clinic

We bring quality healthcare to your company through our on-site healthcare clinics. Each on-site healthcare clinic is individually tailored to your company's needs.

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Technology Solutions

For IT Solutions, MedinyX has a philosophy is to provide solutions to any size businesses by providing them innovative solutions that built around hi-tech technology.

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Air Ambulance Evacuation

Prime air ambulance is one of the largest air ambulance service providers worldwide with outstanding end to end patient care & best in class assistance.

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Cost Containment Solution

AMA is a leading provider of healthcare cost containment solutions and offer service-oriented medical management and cost containment services.

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 24/7 Response

Our Capability is to deliver 24/7 health and security services & Solutions to our clients/customers around the world.

 Innovation & Technology

Our Technology management tools providing our clients with quality, time-efficient, and cost-effective services.


Our network of offices around the world are staffed with expert professionals who can help answer our clients' specific needs.

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