About AMA Group

The AMA Group founded in 1970 focuses on qualitative Healthcare services and products within the healthcare industry. Our Philosophy is based on consistency and ethics.

AMA Group is a long standing organization in the healthcare sector that has always dedicated itself putting Quality and Ethics at first. Our job is to help people improve their lives. Whether it is hospitalization, medication, Assistance in remote areas our commitment stays alive. With established products and professionals we try harder every minute of the day as lives are precious.

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Our Solutions

AMA is a fully integrated with it global assistance networks and working directly with our offices in different countries around the world.

Technology Solutions

MedinyX has had a strong focus and knowledge in certain key industries which are driven under the insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical retail and hospitality sectors. Within these industries...

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Global TPA Solutions

AMA Assistance, part of the AMA group has been providing bespoke niche solutions around the world for travel insurance, health insurance, motor insurance and home insurance firms since 2003.

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Air Ambulance / Aviation

Prime Air Ambulance, one of the leading ambulance companies in Asia, and has been providing regional air ambulance support since as long as the early 1970s.

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Our Capabilities


24/7 Response

Our Capablities is to deliver 24/7 health and security services & Solutions to our clients/customers around the world.


Innovation & Technology

Our Technology management tools providing our clients with quality, time efficient and cost-effective services.



Our network of offices around the world are staffed with expert professionals who can help answer our client's specific needs

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