Value adds is one way for airlines to

  • Boost their revenues in this highly competitive market.
  • Increase over all passenger sales
  • Provide additional benefits to passengers
  • Increase GSA Revenues
  • Enhance loyalty and mileage programs by actually building in elements of service for Frequent Fliers.

Hotels, Resorts and Safari's

Empower your boutique stand alone or multiple properties to manage your day-to-day operations by bringing in efficiency at your operations from House Keeping to In-House Guest Revenue Solutions, Guest Billings, Group Billings, F & B, Moving Inventory Management and much more.
Our Property Management System is fully integrated with all the usefull modules and designed to meet the varied requirements of any size hotel or hotel chain.

  • Service Appraisals Measurements
  • Moving Inventory Management
  • Standard Guest Management
  • Optional Investor Payout Module

Automobile Industry

"Turn a negative customer experience into a positive one" Providing a range of services for the Automobile Industry. Providing you Safety Programs for your passengers. Also automobile manufacturer can improve brand image and customer care by Providing customers with add on Health and Safety Programs, in developing world, these programs show the geniality of a company

Working in deep partnerships with our clients enhancing the over all customer experience and care can also increase your sales, at brand value, over all after customer care experience by choosing our services.

  • Help line and Emergency Hotline Service Programs
  • Road Side Accident Rescue Programs
  • Customer care, "White Label" Programs
  • Market Response Programs
  • Roadside Assistance

Corporate and Businesses

Employee protection and Medical Security Placing employees and their families in remote parts of the globe requires you to have a program in place under which your employees are protected in terms of medical security. Health and safety plays a very important role today not only in terms of regulations however to have a plan in place is of the utmost importance.

At large stand, today, business expansion and the need for global employee protection and other various specialized programs are needed. For that you can count on us. From basic Medical Concierge Services to Online Medical Second Opinions, We can put your employees at ease. Trying to understand your needs and guiding you towards right professional direction for such services, is our part of work. Join our world, where others were benefitted and next will be you!

Factories and Power Projects

Set up of major infrastructure project carries large risks for the huge man power in those specific locations, be it in a highly remote area and other areas where your man power face with all kinds of life threatening risks. Here at AMA we understand this quite well. Having administrated many such projects before in various parts of ASIA.

We provide specialized services your employees when most needed So, they will be more efficient in doing their task, and at the end of the day, your projects will be executed successfully.

Government and Embassies

We serve Governments, Foreign Service forces and local embassies world wide by providing them with the Right Medical services. In case you are a Government organization looking for a special product or high end service either for your citizens abroad or Foreign Service staff employees please feel free to get in touch with us.

Insurance Companies

Medical costs in general are on the rise. At the same time the Travel market is quite competitive. What plays a major differentiating role is the ability to provide qualitative service to your members.

We at AMA understand this need and are there to see how we can help each other fulfill our needs. AMA not only could act as a service provider but also a partner in saving unnecessary costs which could have incurred directly by your members or by the services availed.

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